More than once I’ve written about having the right team in place. The need for varying skill sets and the ability to harness those individual talents into a harmonious march towards the fulfillment of my purpose. I’ve not done an excellent job team building. In fact, as an honest and candid assessment, my efforts have been subpar.

I’d thought my failure in that area was primarily due to my inability to effectively build a team but as I reflect a bit more on the situation, something occurs to me I hadn’t considered before. Over the last year or so, I haven’t needed a team. I’ve needed to create. I didn’t need my cover illustrator or social media manager. I haven’t needed certain key elements until quite recently. Meaning within the last 3–6 weeks.

Now that I’m about to publish four books within an 8 week period, I’ll need to expand and expand rapidly. Once my market research is completed, it may become obvious that I’ll need to schedule the releases a bit further apart. But I don’t have enough information to make an informed decision. What I do know is that when I need the right people in place, He will make them available and willing to assist.

Today, Wednesday, June 3, 2020, I am grateful that:

Some of the right people are in place now. They’ve offered their friendship, kindness, expertise, and love. I’m working towards my goals and doing what I’m able to do to help achieve theirs.

When I need more people to get things accomplished, they will make themselves available. It always works that way and I’ve got no reason to believe this will be different.

I’ve been able to complete two books and just waiting for reviews from advanced copy readers. Once those are finished, I’ll post them on the site and get the next phase implemented.

I’ve been doing more interactions with social media and engaging more. It’s great to be able to share my experience as an author and editor for those with a bit less experience. It’s also gratifying to offer some encouragement.

How will you recognize your people?

How do you help those already in your life?

What can you do today to move forward in accomplishing your purpose?

Be Great. Be Grateful!!

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