My history includes bouncing from one thing to the next. Oftentimes without much thought, deliberation, or praying for direction. I casually moved to the “next thing” relying heavily on His grace in the form of gifts He’d provided. I relied on my intellect, my charisma, and zest for excelling, in the beginning, to quickly adapt and perform well in my newest efforts.

That’s prior to determining my purpose, but after discovering my purpose, I haven’t really changed jobs or careers. I’ve kept writing. I’ve worked towards perfecting my craft. I’ve stretched, practiced, performed, and evaluated my efforts. I’ve taken several contract positions during this time, but nothing close to a career move. I’ve done what was needed to cover my expenses while affording me the opportunity to continue writing on a full-time basis.

The benefits of determining my purpose are almost incalculable. But the one that’s foremost in my mind this morning is the tether. An anchor to my purpose and an inhibitor of free floating to the next shiny, new, and exciting opportunity. Over twenty years ago, my aunt Martha Jo told me that I couldn’t get anywhere if I kept starting over. She was basically telling me to stick to whatever thing I was doing and not bounce around.

Living with and by a purpose has proven the only way for me to stop bouncing around.

Today, Thursday, April 22, 2021, I am grateful that:

I’m starting to realize some additional benefits of living with purpose. It’s great how things are manifesting and I’m truly engrossed in my daily activities. I’m not simply going through the motions. I’m living, acting, and behaving with the determination that my efforts will truly benefit those around me and those that will come after I’m no longer dwelling on the planet.

I’ve been able to share some insights on my team vision. We held our first team meeting yesterday and I’m not sure if they truly understood the significance of my plans, but hopefully, in the coming weeks and months, they will.

Lots of progress has been made on multiple fronts. Leveraging the talents of others, providing training, extending opportunities, and on the job training will definitely become part of my company’s direction.

Are you tethered by your purpose?

Are you able to see how living with a purpose offers the chance to say No?

Name three benefits of living with purpose?

Be Great. Be Grateful!!!

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