More and more today, I’m realizing that my research abilities are a bit lacking. I’m needing to do a few more things, research wise, that’ll enhance my potential return on investment. Meaning this, I have to know my readers more, for fiction and non-fiction. Also, I’m needing to know spheres of influence for my readers. Who they listen to and what those people say that motivates them to buy? What happens for the reader to make a buying decision? Where and when they buy?

I’ve got a bunch more to get done. It will more than likely require more than I currently possess, in respect to time, effort, expertise and the like. So again, I’ve got to build or assemble team members that will complete those tasks.

Today, Wednesday, June 17, 2020, I am grateful that:
I’m aware of the need for others. I don’t like to have to depend on others and it’s something I don’t enjoy, but it’s necessary. I’ll do whatever it takes to fulfill my purpose.
I’m aware I have to find out more about my readers. It’s needed more than ever. I’ll not be able to return to this place in life again. I don’t have the ability to repeat the past and I’ll need to capture this moment and maximize its potential.
During a conversation with E.T. last night, he provided some insights about potential influencers and partnership opportunities. His thoughts were in a direction I’d never would have thought of on my own.

Who do you need to help you fulfill your purpose?

How will you compel them to assist in your journey?

Be Great Be Grateful!


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Darren Allridge

Darren Allridge

Author, editor, and business consultant. Mr. Allridge focuses on implementing systems to enhance his clients bottom line via process improvement.