About ten minutes ago, I sat at my desk, in my home office, looked left and saw the picture above. My thoughts were a bit scattered, as they usually are first thing in the morning. The view brought to mind this article’s title.

How could this event be random? The sun is shining. It’s about 5:45 a.m. I don’t understand. I’m guessing it’s got something to do with the eclipse a night or two ago, but I am only guessing. How could something so picturesque be random?

Some choose that belief and that’s totally understandable. I choose another belief. I choose to believe it was created. I believe we have a Creator. A Supreme Being or Force, guiding and monitoring it all. I believe we all are a product of our Creator’s efforts and His grace is given whenever we ask, believe, and act accordingly. Feel free to believe the same, differently, or anything that makes you comfortable.

One of the reasons I began writing these lists was to strengthen my relationship with my Creator. As that relationship has grown, my thoughts have shifted. I’ve begun thinking if it’ll work for me, maybe it’ll work for you. That’s why I share.

Please let me know if you find these beneficial. I don’t know you and we haven’t met, more than likely, but now I have no doubts that we’ll begin posting these on June 1, 2021. So feel free to send me a message.

Today, Friday, May 28, 2021, I am grateful that:

John is a direct communicator. He’s blunt, but not abrasive. Firm, yet fair. During our weekly meeting he provided some candid comments about quality, performance, and expectations. It was received and most appreciated, after the fact, not during.

I got a chance to meet some more of his team. I’ve only met a couple, but they were all present as John was travelling stateside for a few months later that day. It was cool to finally put faces with names on emails and chat messages.

Lance, a new team member and specialist, has come aboard. Generalists are great, but require more training. A specialist really only has to learn my company’s process, not the job itself. It’s more in payroll, yet less in time. I will make that exchange everytime moving forward.

How do you receive feedback? Are you grateful for it or do you take it as a personal attack?

When others disagree with you, your opinion, your beliefs, are you understanding and accepting?

Do you become close minded? Unwilling to listen to their point of view, even if they’ve listened to yours?

Are you content and satisfied with those types of interactions?

If not, what can you do differently in the future?

Be Great. Be Grateful!!!

If you feel this will help you or someone you know, please share to your timeline.

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Read my gratitude lists during “lockdown” in the Philippines as the Covid-19 pandemic grew

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Author, editor, and business consultant. Mr. Allridge focuses on implementing systems to enhance his clients bottom line via process improvement.

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Darren Allridge

Darren Allridge

Author, editor, and business consultant. Mr. Allridge focuses on implementing systems to enhance his clients bottom line via process improvement.

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