Yesterday I didn’t complete my gratitude lists. I did so this morning. There have been numerous occasions where I didn’t finish my list for that day. Some days it’s simply too challenging to write. Other times, I’ve allowed myself to get distracted with one thing or another.

In the moment, all those things seem important. They all seem as if they should take priority over the lists and so, I allow that to happen.

But when I reflect about it now, I can’t think of anything that should take precedence over my relationship with my Creator. That relationship should rank as my number one priority. But I’m human. I get caught up in the moment. Situations seem emergent. Events seem urgent. Sloth may rear its ugly head. And suddenly, no list for the day.

My lists are evidence of my attempt to commune with Him. They are an outward expression of an inward desire to do His will. When I allow those external things to take precedence over Him and His will, I’m devaluing the importance of our relationship. For me, that is not acceptable.

I’ve got to protect what’s precious. I’ve got to either wake up early. I’ve got to guard against sloth, complacency, my cell phone, video games, email, phone calls, and the like. All those things can wait. They are secondary. My primary should and needs to be, strengthening my relationship with my Creator.

Today, Thursday, July 22, 2021, I am grateful that:
My relationship with Him is still my top priority. Those thoughts came to mind when I woke up this morning. I hope similar thoughts come to mind daily. I just may need the reminder.
Veronica’s doing a bit better. She wasn’t feeling great yesterday. A few muscle aches had her moving sluggish. But a massage and some rest and she’s back to feeling like her normal self.
Diana and I had a conversation about her business needs. She’s agreed to hire me for some work on her website content and possibly some lead generation. It’ll be great to lend my expertise.
I’ve nearly completed the rewrite of a ghost writing project. It’ll be good to deliver the first draft to my client. I’m certain they’ll be happy with the production and quality of the work.

How do you protect what’s precious to you?

Do you set aside time for those relationships? Spiritual, marital, as a parent, as a friend, as an employer, as an employee.

List your Top 3 relationships.

List 2 things you can do to enhance each of those relationships.

Be Great. Be Grateful!!!

Read more of my gratitude thoughts and get my free book here:

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