Yesterday we arrived in Oslob. Another small town in the province of Cebu, about four hours south of Cebu City via bus, Veronica and I rode down yesterday. Mo coordinated a trip with several of the guys from the city and we were invited but couldn’t ride down with the group, we had to take a bus around noon,

A tourist destination by definition, this is the place to come to for swimming with whale sharks. Because of the pandemic, I’m uncertain if that’s an option but with room rates as low as they are, coupled with a chance to get out of the city, it was too good of a deal to pass.

Our plan was to stay until Wednesday, depart and stop in Alcoy, about 30 minutes north, spend one night with Dale, Helen, and Sam, but after the events of last night, I’m uncertain if that plan will hold true.

Veronica is upset and threatening to leave and return home. I’m determined to enjoy the trip in spite of her attitude, so we’ll see what happens.

Today, Tuesday, January 19, 2021, I am grateful that:

Mo was able to secure about a 30% discount on our room rate. It’s still a bit more than what we’d planned to pay but the size of the room and the cost pose an incredible value. Hearthstone Lodge in Oslob offers a friendly staff, great accommodations, and tremendous value.

When accused of things untrue, I didn’t react inappropriately. I listened, repeated what was said, and stated my retort. I was irrational or too emotional, more from not wanting to overreact and apologies later but a big part was I did nothing wrong or spiteful. So, I heard what Veronica had to say, replied, and moved on with my evening. Should the relationship end, it’ll not be a waste of the last year as I’ve learned so much about myself.

Ma’am Beth ended the quarantine yesterday and we were able to travel here. I’m still stuck on the fact that we shouldn’t have done a quarantine but it’s water under the bridge.

Do you capture opportunities to bond with new friends?

How do you react when falsely accused?

How have you taken care of your mental health during these times of difficulty?

Be Great. Be Grateful!!!

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