Some days I’m just not in the mood to work. Some days “work” really does feel like a four letter word. Days, like today, are when I have to remember that feelings aren’t facts. Days like today are when I have to think about the future, not the present.

In a week, a month, or a decade from now, I won’t remember how I felt today. It will be irrelevant and probably be tainted by time. But what will be important is what I accomplished. What I did today could live on beyond this moment.

So I have to ignore my feelings. I have to take action. I have to do what He put me on the planet to do, because it may not happen any other way.

I can get caught up in the moment. Some say it’s really all we have and most times, I would agree. But at this moment, what I know is “This moment is passing.” As all other moments have before and after. So will my feelings. But my actions will remain. Especially if I perform admirably, displaying the gifts He has granted.

Today, Thursday, August 26, 2021, I am grateful that:
The coffee I purchased a couple of weeks ago is really strong. In fact, it’s probably too strong. I’ve cut my morning intake in half with no ill effects. I’m really happy Antonio told me about this particular variety.
Even when things are bleak, as they appear now, I’m able to see something positive. It’s not always been my perspective, but today it is. Having lived through the opposite mindset, this one is much more preferable.
The postings are going out on social media. Some will probably enjoy the lists. Others will not. Hopefully, they will get shared and help others. That’s the goal. If even one is affected, it was well worth the effort.

How do you remember to ignore your feelings?

How do you push through even when you don’t want to?

What drives you to keep going?

What’s your purpose?

Be Great. Be Grateful!!!

Read more of my gratitude thoughts and get my free book here:

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