As I’m working to launch my latest title, I’m learning more and more about my deficiencies. More specifically, what I lack in regards to this launch. I’m more concerned with putting money in the pockets of others. Meaning, instead of launching in a traditional sense, through established distribution channels, I’d like to take a different approach.

I’d like to launch and use a formalized referral system. Only via word of mouth, using a formal tracking system, and paying those that referred customers. I’m not interested in paying for brand recognition by using some of the “big boys.” I’m wanting and developing a way for the “little guy” to leverage their influence and generate some income for themselves during these challenging economic times.

My current deficiencies are a lack of a substantial platform on social media, a landing page for the book, contact form integration, an insignificant sum for a book launch, and I only know a small number of social influencers. For each of these areas there’s an answer. A way to overcome that obstacle and I will. I’ll formulate and begin to implement a plan today.

Today, Wednesday, May 6, 2020, I am grateful that:

I was able to buy groceries yesterday, for myself and for George. I’d made an offer to do his shopping, as age restrictions limit his ability to move around outside, but he’d been hesitant to avail himself of my offer. Yesterday he did and I was able to get everything he’d placed on his list. We even video chatted while I was in the store to make sure I was buying the items he needed.

My pride doesn’t stop me from looking for areas of improvement. I know I am far from perfect and I have many areas I can improve. Therefore, for me it’s important to look at where I can improve regularly and find a means to eliminate or lessen those areas.

Every problem has a solution. The solution may not be apparent but it will be revealed should I ask. There’s nothing He won’t do for me and my enhancement. He wants the absolute be for me and I know that to be an absolute truth. So when I discover things that’ll inhibit me from doing what He has tasked me to do, I simply have to ask humbly and He will show me the way to get “it” done.

If you feel this will help you or someone you know, please share to your timeline.

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Read my gratitude lists during “lockdown” in the Philippines as the Covid-19 pandemic grew

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Author, editor, and business consultant. Mr. Allridge focuses on implementing systems to enhance his clients bottom line via process improvement.

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Darren Allridge

Darren Allridge

Author, editor, and business consultant. Mr. Allridge focuses on implementing systems to enhance his clients bottom line via process improvement.

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