After taking the advice of someone with more experience than I with social media, I joined several groups for writers and authors. There are a couple of groups with new or aspiring authors. Usually there’s a bunch of interactions and comments to questions and suggestions, experiences, words of encouragement, and the like. A few minutes ago I noticed a question posed by one of the members. They asked, “Is it mandatory to use Times Roman 12(I know it’s standard font for easy reading…)

A couple of thoughts come to mind. Do you want your book to not be read easily? Are you wanting to disrupt an entire industry by using specific fonts for your upcoming bestsellers? Is conformity that challenging? What aspect(s) in my life do I find conformity challenging?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with disruption. In fact, I would encourage disruption. Upsetting the status quo is not a bad thing, in so much as, it could lead to significant improvements or enhancements in the way things function. However, without extensive market research, not just a post on a group in social media of authors at the same point in their careers as you would, I think, you would find significant and sufficient data.

Today, Friday, June 12, 2020, I am grateful that:

I’m open to disruption and conformity. Depending on the situation, either could be appropriate and very much needed.

I’m willing to look at my motives and my end objectives and act accordingly. Should I need to become disruptive, as with my publishing company, I will. If conformity is needed, such as my type font, I’m willing to concede something so generally accepted.

My book cover has been redesigned. Initially, I didn’t like the design, but after sleeping and discussing the new design with several others, gathering their input, it’s much better than my previous(self-done) design, and much more impactful.

How do you conform?

Are you disruptive when needed?

What standard practices could challenge today?

How will you modify your behavior and that of others?

Be Great. Be Grateful!!!

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Read my gratitude lists during “lockdown” in the Philippines as the Covid-19 pandemic grew

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