In times past I’ve experienced some epic fails. From personal, financial, business, emotional, and even spiritual, when I really put some thought into it, I’ve had failures in all these areas. Not so much recently though.

When I assess my current situation, things are progressing slowly, methodically, and positively. A little at a time, things are getting better. Part of this may be the result of increased efficiency. By sticking with my task, my purpose, I’ve become better at those things needed to accomplish my objective. I’m not wasting time and energy learning things that aren’t going to further my cause.

Another reason for less epic fails may simply be the fact that I am living with conviction. One definition of conviction is a firmly held belief or opinion. I’ve been living as is my purpose and plans have already been accomplished. That what I’m doing now is simple manifestation of what is to become. I’m of the opinion that my actions are guaranteed to bring about the desired outcome or results. So, I move with more confidence. I move with less doubt. I behave in a manner that most people are unaccustomed to and my guess is that’s part of the reason for the rarity of “epic” failures.

Failures happen. I’m not saying they don’t! What I’m saying is that the severity of my setbacks today are far less significant than in times past. Don’t quit. Keep going. Master your craft. Manifest your greatness! You are worth all the work you put into you!

Today, Monday, April 26, 2021, I am grateful that:

The weekend was nice and relaxing. I totally unplugged. I spent time with Veronica, relaxed, and recharged the battery.

I awoke refreshed this morning. I’m ready to face another day. I’m ready to serve Him by serving those around me. I’m ready to do what I can to serve and positively impact His children.

James, once again posted on social media. I’d been concerned with his well being over the last few weeks. I haven’t been able to speak with him, so his post let’s me know he’s still alive. If he is alive, there’s hope.

How often do you experience epic failures?

Can you honestly say you are living with conviction?

Do you act as if it’s already occurred?

What’s preventing you from acting in this manner?

How can you eliminate those items you just listed?

Be Great. Be Grateful!!!

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Read my gratitude lists during “lockdown” in the Philippines as the Covid-19 pandemic grew

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Author, editor, and business consultant. Mr. Allridge focuses on implementing systems to enhance his clients bottom line via process improvement.

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Darren Allridge

Darren Allridge

Author, editor, and business consultant. Mr. Allridge focuses on implementing systems to enhance his clients bottom line via process improvement.

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