When I rented my studio apartment in July 2019, the owner was extremely accommodating. We didn’t do a lease. He discounted the normal monthly rent and even offered the option to pay on a weekly basis, since I was uncertain about how long I’d stay in Cebu.

Fast forward nearly two years and I’m still here. I’m moving to another place this weekend. This owner hasn’t been as accommodating. They have a linear way of doing business and it’s been a bit frustrating. Personally and professionally I understand, yet it’s been challenging. It’s required more patience than I’ve cared to exhibit.

Things are nearly aligned. All prerequisites are just about completed. It’s setting a time for deliverables, signing a contract, making payment, and accepting the keys to the new place. This ordeal, for lack of a better term, has been going on for nearly a month.

Since Roni and I have chosen to live together, we’ve been looking for a larger place. The studio is ok for one person, but tends to be too small for much more than that. So, we’ll be in our new place this weekend. We’ll have our individual and combined environments. Most importantly, we’ll be together. I’m looking forward to another chapter.

Today, Thursday, May 6, 2021, I am grateful that:

I’m more patient now than in my youth. A younger version of myself would have rushed the process. I would have pushed to make things go my way. I would not have been able to wait patiently for things to fall into place. I probably would have botched this entire deal.

Some things are moving faster than I thought. I’m more of a big picture person and let the daily details work themselves out. I work on taking massive action and tend to not “worry” about results.

I’ll have space to accommodate my belongings left in storage. It’ll be good to clear out the storage unit and bring everything here. Cause at this stage, there’s no denying that Cebu is home.

How’s your level of patience? (Particularly when things don’t move on your expected time frame)

What one thing can you work on today to move closer to your purpose?

What will happen to your patience level is that thing isn’t completed today?

How can you behave differently than your previous answer?

Be Great. Be Grateful!!!

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